The low bar, high peg, racer crouch is great on a racetrack, but impractical for the street. With similar power to supersports, only marginally less performance, and an upright seating position, these really are sportbikes for the road.

Determined simply by the size of the grin on your face after each ride, character is the X-factor that turns us into rambling idiots whenever we review one on video. Visit our Yamaha FZ Forum. Well, now you can add another bike to that list, and this one comes from Japan: the Yamaha FZ However, other than the number of cylinders each bike has and the lack of any real bodywork, the FZ and XS are worlds apart.

Read my Yamaha Triples Retrospective for comparisons between old and new. The march in time has been so great that Yamaha never once said a word about the XS or during the presentation of the new FZ.

Read our Yamaha Triples retrospective.

fz 09 error codes

Street riders, commuters and weekend riders alike want to feel as alive as they do on their supersports while getting through town. That means an open seating position with a torque-rich engine. And in this economy, an affordable price point means a lot, too.

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A clean-sheet design, the inline-Three was chosen for its torquey nature, slim dimensions and because Yamaha engineers understand Triples exude that magic ingredient: character. A first for any production multi-cylinder Yamaha, the FZ cylinders are offset 5mm from the crank axis, meaning the crank pin is beginning its downward path when combustion occurs for less parasitic power loss. Bore and stroke measures The degree crankshaft means the FZ has an even degree firing order.

A balancer shaft helps cancel vibes and serves double duty by running the water pump. The four-valve cylinder head is an all-new design, with intake and exhaust valves measuring 31mm and 25mm, respectively. Intake valve angle is set at 13 degrees, exhaust at Within the liter airbox, intake funnels are staggered with the first cylinder funnel at The airbox features a built-in resonator, because, well, a three-cylinder intake howl is worth amplifying.

Throttles are opened and closed electronically with YCC-T ride-by-wire, which also allows the use of three different ride modes: A, Standard and B. Yamaha claims peak horsepower to be at 10, rpm and torque Moreover, a bigger emphasis was placed on useable rather than peak power, as the FZ is intended for city scapes and backroad bombing.

KYB suspension both front and rear is only adjustable for rebound and preload, a sacrifice you make when MSRP is under eight grand. Note also the Advics radial-mounted caliper and mm disc.

2017 Yamaha FZ-09

To accomplish the latter, the aluminum frame uses the engine as a stressed member, with the swingarm externally attached. KYB provides suspension bits, with a 41mm inverted fork up front and nearly horizontal shock in the rear.

HOW TO: Yamaha Diagnostics mode, Error codes + Tilt sensor

Both are adjustable for rebound and preload. Stopping power is a hodgepodge of parts; Brembo provides the master cylinder, Advics the front radially mounted four-pot calipers and Nissin the rear squeezer.

Bars are 53mm higher and 40mm closer to the rider compared to the 8, and the footpegs are 26mm lower. Seat height is a little on the tall side at One gripe is the right-side engine case protrudes out slightly past the frame, forcing shorter riders to angle their legs awkwardly to place a toe down.

Far from a racer tuck, the upright, tapered aluminum handlebars and relatively low pegs allow the rider to sit in a comfortable, upright position. Otherwise, the riding position is much more relaxed compared to supersports, and even the Speed Triple.

Tall riders will appreciate the leg room, as the high bars and low pegs keep elbows and knees far apart from each other. In keeping with the city bike theme, Yamaha flew journos to San Francisco to get a taste of the FZ in its natural environment: darting through the city en route to the twisties. This broad spread of torque mixed with the narrow profile makes filtering through cars easy work.

The tapered bars provide ample leverage to heave the bike away from a potential hazard if needed.Hitting the open road on your Yamaha FZ means freedom, exhilaration and an escape from the daily grind.

But never leave your garage unprepared. Keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape by performing some basic maintenance - replace worn spark plugs and the clutch kit for a no-bog, instant response ride. Your Yamaha's engine loves fresh oil and at MotoSport we stock a variety of oil and other lubricants from the industry's most trusted manufacturers.

Working on your street bike takes a good set of tools and we carry all the specialty tools you'll need to get the job done right. Additionally, make sure you check your tires for wear and proper tire pressure before heading out. If the tires on your motorcycle have seen better days, a fresh pair makes an extremely wise investment. At MotoSport, find the right motorcycle tires for your sport bike, touring bike and cruiser. Finally, keep your motorcycle's wheel bearings in prime condition to ensure a smooth ride.

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Once you have installed all this new hardware fine tune the power with a fuel management system. Most of our fuel management systems provide you the option of self-tuning to accommodate different riding styles from racing to high mountain cruising.

Yamaha FZ Motorcycle Parts.

fz 09 error codes

Select the year of your FZ Year Apart from the name and any changes for local market homologation, the FZ models are the same bikes as their MT counterparts. When they were introduced, it made sense to use the FZ names, as customers were familiar with the name. Meanwhile, in Europe, customers were long familiar with the MT brand from the cc MT produced from to and the cc twin-cylinder MT offered from to But is Yamaha better off simplifying its model names under a common nomenclature?

There are indications that Yamaha is considering just that. For one, Yamaha already has the U. Yamaha also has an active trademark in the U. Now, the trademark filings on their own do not necessarily tell us Yamaha will use these names. More convincing evidence comes to us from the California Air Resources Board which recently issued an executive order certifying the MT for the model year:.

In this case, the codes certify the MT for the model year represented by the letter J as per industry conventionC for California model and the colors gray GY and blue L. Again, the change in model codes, while telling, is not necessarily proof Yamaha is planning a model name change. Environmental Protection Agency, nor were they among the models already announced by Yamaha Motor U.

The fact the FZ was not included in the executive order suggests to us it is being updated for Once again, the evidence is circumstantial, and CARB may release an executive order for an unchanged FZ later. What's in a name: Yamaha FZ vs. Share this Article. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.Up until now, the FZ has been widely regarded as having fallen short of its potential. The suspension was insufficient, throttle too abrupt and a lack of electronic goodies made it a little too simple for the price and current competition.

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Yamaha saw the error of its ways and set about the business of correcting past mistakes with a significant re-design for that improves in all the most-criticized areas on its predecessor. The MY17 FZ sports improved throttle-response mapping along with traction control and ABS, so improvement was definitely made in the electronic gadgetry department.

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But, does this newest version meet popular demand and expectation? Yamaha moved away from the cyclops headlight of the previous models with a dual LED headlight setup that brings with it a wide, but flat, headlight housing for a completely different look up front. Beefier cheek fairings and small side covers add some visual weight to the front, and not only do the side covers enclose and protect the ends of the radiator, they also serve as a handy spot to mount the front turn signals to get them off the headlight housing.

This does clean up the front end nicely, even though it places the turn signals in a more vulnerable position, and it makes it look more like its big brother, the FZ The rear end got cleaned up as well with taillight and turn signals mounted up under the subframe, and the plate holder moved down to the single-arm, hugger-style rear fender.

I gotta say, I never was much of a fan of the mudguard-style fender that stuck out from the subframe, and the hugger really cleans it all up quite nicely.

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Blackout treatment around the bike gives it a nice, custom flair with seriously sinister undertones to go with its sleek new physique. The clean rear end and radiator plates, though minor, seem to make all the difference in the world. Yamaha builds the FZ on a cast-aluminum frame in its effort to keep overall weight low, and at pounds soaking wet, we can call that mission accomplished.

Wheelbase length measures out at Handling is improved over the previous model through the new-for suspension components that include the fully adjustable, 41 mm, usd front forks and the motocross-style monoshock that comes with tunable preload and rebound damping.

Not only is the rear shock tucked away out of sight of the casual observer, but the positioning allows for a narrower frame that furthers the slimming effort on this version.

Wheel travel measures out at 5. A pair of mm discs and four-pot calipers slow the front wheel, and the rear wheel makes do with mm disc. The result is a much tamer, less abrupt response that retains but a fraction of its former snappiness, much to the benefit of the handling since the previous setup was widely regarded as being far too sensitive to even minor changes in throttle-grip position.

The magic continues into the innards with fracture-split big-ends on the connecting rods, and a cylinder-to-block offset purported to reduce friction. Staggered intake-funnel lengths help broaden the powerband on this water-cooled three-banger, mainly downward, and the factory claims a total of RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.

Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla. You'll also hear about special offers and events! How it works:. Sign in or create an account to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us.

Redeem your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! See our customer service page for more details. The Yamaha FZ is one of the most exciting bikes released in the past year. I've been living with one for about six months now, and here's what I've come up with. Saying this bike has incredible bang-for-your-buck value in no way means that the FZ is either a budget motorcycle or boring in any way.

The FZ doesn't look cheap. Nice touches include the three-part LED tail light. Yamaha photo.

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The FZ was designed basically from scratch, from the ground up, save for a few things like the blinkers and grips. The cc triple features tons of ingenuity, like uneven-length intake funnels to help broaden the torque curve and injectors bolted directly to the cylinder head to fire exactly where needed to improve throttle feel and keep the engine more compact.

The FZ dash is all digital. As I sat in the airport waiting for my flight home from the launch, a colleague called and asked me how the ride went.

This bike had created a ton of buzz when it was announced, and everyone was curious to see how it stacked up. This thing is so close. Someone just has to get it sorted. After the initial launch, all of us journo-types had the same response. The fueling is extremely hard to modulate, especially in the transition from closed to open throttle, but also just in general. The suspension is way too soft and gets unsorted incredibly easy, and the front end dives to almost comical lengths under any sort of braking.

The front brake has decent strength, but feels really squishy. The suspension and brake components all look like things are going to be great, but the reality on the road is less than perfect.

Photo by Sean MacDonald. I was in Philly this last week for a bunch of meetings with Anthony and the rest of the gang at the mothership. His response? You were spot on. It both makes me want to sell my Street Triple and also makes me kind of terrified for my life. It could be so good though. The compact and powerful three-cylinder engine is the heart of the FZ I figured maybe I could tinker with the suspension and get it a little more sorted.

However, I kid you not when I say that I weigh under pounds, and it seems a little ridiculous that I should ever be trying to stiffen suspension settings on any stock motorcycle. I really hoped it would grow on me. Well, unfortunately, my feelings have not changed. I spend most of my time riding it in B mode, which limits the power and more importantly the throttle response. Trying to hustle this thing through the twisties is an exercise in both cojones and skill, as most rider inputs and any imperfection in the road set the chassis a-wobbling, which becomes quite unsettling.

The FZ feels light, and even narrower than it looks.By proceeding with this purchase, Iagree to only use the product s for closed course competition. The order's shipment destination must reside within the United States of America. The free shipping options still utilize our standard postage providers and 3rd party shipping companies. Does not apply to large items such as exhausts, stands, and bodywork shipping.

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You can find those videos in the "Videos" tab. Click for Details. Take Me to the Tabs! Note: Some product pages may not have all the tabs mentioned above. Please read through all the available tabs to find the answers to your questions.

Printable version. We currently have the hottest fender eliminator system available on the market and have teamed up with other great manufacturers, such as Yoshimura, Arrow Exhaust, Womet-Tech, and many more to bring you a wide selection of products and upgrades. Our FZ MT for our Euro friends product lineup spans multiple subcategories, including exhausts, integrated tail lights, undertails, LED front flushmount signals, flasher relays, other electronics, foot and hand controls, crash protection, and tank grips.

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Yamaha FZ-09 / XSR900 / FJ-09 / MT09 / YXZ1000r Smog Block Off Plates

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fz 09 error codes

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